Uttar Pradesh PCS Judicial Services (UPPCSJ) (Prelim) Exam, 2015  General Study Paper (Paper-I)

Uttar Pradesh PCS Judicial Services (UPPCSJ) (Prelim) Exam, 2015

General Study Paper (Paper-I)

1. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute is located at–
(A) Goa
(B) Kochi
(C) Vishakhapatnam
(D) Puri
(Ans : B)

2. The Coromandal Coast is located in the State of–
(A) Kerala
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Gujarat
(Ans : C)

3. Arrange the following events in chronological order, using the codes given below–
1. Abolition of Jazia
2. Abolition of Pilgrimage Tax
3. Construction of Ibadat Khana
4. Foundation of Din-i-Ilahi’
Codes :
(A) 1, 2, 4, 3
(B) 2, 1, 3, 4
(C) 3, 4, 2, 1
(D) 1, 3, 4, 2
(Ans : B)

4. Which of the following emperors was known as ‘Shah-i-Bekhabar’?
(A) Humayun
(B) Jahangir
(C) Bahadurshah-I
(D) Farrukhsiyar
(Ans : C)

5. Which of the following emperors had the highest number of Hindu generals in the army?
(A) Babar
(B) Akbar
(C) Jahangir
(D) Aurangzeb
(Ans : D)

6. ‘Rajm Nama’ is the Persian translation of–
(A) Arthashastra
(B) Ramayan
(C) Mahabharata
(D) Upanishada
(Ans : C)

7. Maluk Das was a saint-poet residing at–
(A) Agra
(B) Ayodhya
(C) Kashi
(D) Kara
(Ans : D)

8. Which of the following Rajput houses was the first to establish matrimonial relation with emperor Akbar?
(A) Rathore
(B) Kachwaha
(C) Chauhan
(D) Sisodiya
(Ans : B)

9. Musical instrument ‘Sitar’ was invented by–
(A) Amir Khusro
(B) Ramdas
(C) Tansen
(D) Haridas
(Ans : A)

10. Which Sufi Saint remarked ‘Hanooj Dilli Dur Ast’ (Delhi is still far away) ?
(A) Nasiruddin Chirag-i-Delhi
(B) Nizamuddin Aulia
(C) Shaikh Bakhtiyar Kaki
(D) Baba Farid
(Ans : B)

11. ‘Bijak’ is a collection of the sayings of–
(A) Baba Farid
(B) Ramanand
(C) Guru Nanak
(D) Kabir
(Ans : D)

12. Panchayati Raj is a system of–
(A) Local government
(B) Local administration
(C) Local self-government
(D) Rural local self government
(Ans : D)

13. Which one of the following is a member of ‘ASEAN’ ? (Association of South East Asian Nations formed in 1967)
(A) Thailand
(B) Australia
(C) New Zealand
(D) None of the above
(Ans : A)

14. The Indian foreign policy was formulated by–
(A) Mrs. Indira Gandhi
(B) Lal Bahadur Shastri
(C) Morarji Desai
(D) Jawaharlal Nehru
(Ans : D)

15. After K-2, which of the following is second highest mountain peak in India?
(A) Kamet
(B) Nandadevi
(C) Kanchenjunga
(D) Shudu Thempa
(Ans : C)

16. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
(States) – (Major Hydel-Power Station)
(A) Gujarat – Tawa
(B) Rajasthan – Jawhar Sagar
(C) West Bengal – Panchet Hill
(D) Madhya Pradesh – Khopoli (Ans : D)

17. Which one of the following tribes belongs to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand ?
(A) Itnar
(B) Tharu
(C) Bhil
(D) Munda
(Ans : B)

18. Badrinath is located in–
(A) Kumaun Himalaya
(B) Central Himalaya
(C) Himadri
(D) Trans-Himalaya
(Ans : A)

19. Who among the following pre-pared a scientific classification of forests?
(A) H. G. Champion
(B) K. V. Sundaram
(C) B. L. Sukhwal
(D) L. D. Stamp
(Ans : A)

20. The eastern most place of India is located in the State of–
(A) Mizoram
(B) Meghalaya
(C) Arunachal Pradesh
(D) Nagaland
(Ans : C)

21. ‘Kevti’ Waterfall is located in which of the following districts?
(A) Rewa
(B) Rohtas
(C) Ranchi
(D) Jabalpur
(Ans : A)

22. Largest bauxite producing State in India (2014) is–
(A) Jharkhand
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Odisha
(D) Tamil Nadu
(Ans : C)

23. The ‘Wage good strategy’ of development was formulated by–
(A) Amartya Sen
(B) C. Vakil
(C) P. C. Mahalanobis
(D) J. Bhagwati
(Ans : B)

24. Who among the following represented India in the International Yoga Day Celebrations held in New York on 21st June, 2015 ?
(A) Uma Bharati
(B) Sumitra Mahajan
(C) Sushma Swaraj
(D) Vasundhara Raje
(Ans : C)

25. Consider the statements–
Assertion (A) : The State Election Commission is appointed by the State Government.
Reason (R) : It has the responsibility of holding elections to the Panchayati Raj institutions. Select the correct answer using the codes given below–
Codes :
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
(B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)
(C) (A) is true, but (R) is false
(D) (A) is false, but (R) is true
(Ans : D)

26. How many Nations had signed the Charter of United Nations on 26th June, 1945 ?
(A) 64
(B) 61
(C) 52
(D) 51
(Ans : D)

27. How many women members were there in the Indian Constituent Assembly?
(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 13
(D) 15
(Ans : D)

28. To whom among the following did Buddha preach his last sermon?
(A) Subhadda
(B) Anand
(C) Yash
(D) Gautami
(Ans : A)

29. From which site of prehistoric age, evidence of cremating pet-dog with man has been found?
(A) Koldihawa
(B) Panchoh
(C) Burzhome
(D) Gufkaral
(Ans : C)

30. Which of the Indian States had diarchy system of government at the time of Alexander’s invasion?
(A) Patal
(B) Fegela
(C) Gandaris
(D) Siboi
(Ans : A)

31. Whose relics are preserved in the Second Stupa at Sanchi ?
(A) Missionaries of Ashokan age
(B) Lord Buddha
(C) Sariputra
(D) Mahamodglyeyan
(Ans : A)

32. Which temple of North India has its Shikhar (spire) in Dravid style?
(A) Bhitargaon
(B) Deogarh
(C) Sas-Bahu temple
(D) Teli temple at Gwalior
(Ans : D)

33. The first excavated Indus site after independence of India is–
(A) Ropar
(B) Kalibangan
(C) Banavali
(D) Lothal
(Ans : A)

34. Which is the port city of Indus Valley culture?
(A) Mohenjodaro
(B) Harappa
(C) Kalibanga
(D) Lothal
(Ans : D)

35. How many slokas are present in Rajtarangini of Kalhana ?
(A) Eight thousand
(B) Nine thousand
(C) Ten thousand
(D) Eleven thousand
(Ans : A)

36. Which of the following tribes does not belong to the Panchjana of Rigveda ?
(A) Yadu
(B) Puru
(C) Turvasa
(D) Kikat
(Ans : D)

37. Which of the following inscriptions mentions Vedic Gods?
(A) Mansehra
(B) Shahbajgarhi
(C) Boghazkoi
(D) Junagarh
(Ans : C)

38. King Kharvela of Kalinga belonged to which dynasty ?
(A) Chedi
(B) Kadamba
(C) Haryanka
(D) Kalinga
(Ans : A)

39. Which one of the following is the name of the Book written by Magasthnase ?
(A) Deep Vansh
(B) Kapur Manjan
(C) Geography
(D) Indica
(Ans : D)

40. Who is regarded as the father of Indian pre-history?
(A) Cunnigham
(B) Bruce Froot
(C) Marshall
(D) William King
(Ans : B)

41. Who among the following called himself ‘The Parrot of India’ ?
(A) Malik Muhammad Jaisi
(B) Raskhan
(C) Amir Khusrau
(D) Amir Hasan
(Ans : C)

42. Who among the following built the ‘Qutub Minar’ ?
(A) Qutubuddin Aibak
(B) Iltutmish
(C) Firozshah Tughlaq
(D) All the above
(Ans : D)

43. At which of the following places Jawaharlal Nehru unfurled the tricolour in 1930 ?
(A) Allahabad
(B) Delhi
(C) Lahore
(D) Lucknow
(Ans : C)

44. Who was the great force behind the foundation of the first Indian Women’s University in Bombay in 1906?
(A) Dadabhai Naoroji
(B) D. K. Karve
(C) S. S. Bangali
(D) V. M. Malabari
(Ans : B)

45. The largest ocean of the world is–
(A) Arctic Ocean
(B) Indian Ocean
(C) Atlantic Ocean
(D) Pacific Ocean
(Ans : D)

46. The largest Mica producing State in India is–
(A) Jharkhand
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Rajasthan
(Ans : A)

47. Which one of the following is the longest river in India?
(A) Godavari
(B) Narmada
(C) Krishna
(D) Yamuna
(Ans : A)

48. Which one of the following country has the highest percentage of its geographical area under forests?
(A) China
(B) Australia
(C) India
(D) United Kingdom
(Ans : C)

49. Chandra Prabha National Park is located in–
(A) Varanasi
(B) Kanpur
(C) Jaunpur
(D) Saharanpur
(Ans : A)

50. Disaster Management Act was enacted in India, in the year–
(A) 2001
(B) 2003
(C) 2005
(D) 2012
(Ans : C)

51. The National Capital Region Planning Board was set up in India in the year–
(A) 1980
(B) 1982
(C) 1985
(D) 1995
(Ans : C)

52. Which of the following tribes belongs to Nilgiri hills ?
(A) Maria
(B) Asur
(C) Badga
(D) Saharia
(Ans : C)

53. The Patkai hills separate India from–
(A) China
(B) Myanmar
(C) Pakistan
(D) Bangladesh
(Ans : B)

54. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists-
List-I (Industry) List-II (Place)
(a) Sugar 1. Dalmia Dadari
(b) Paper 2. Dhampur
(c) Cement 3. Chandra pur
(d) Iron and Steel 4. Bokaro
Codes :
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 2 1 3 4
(B) 2 3 1 4
(C) 3 2 1 4
(D) 1 2 3 4
(Ans : B)

55. As per Census 2011 of India, which of the following States has lowest per cent of urban population?
(A) Tripura
(B) Sikkim
(C) Bihar
(D) Himachal Pradesh
(Ans : D)

56. Which of the following Constitutional (Amendment) Acts provided for the appointment of the same person as Governor for two or more States?
(A) Fourth (Amendment) Act
(B) Seventh (Amendment) Act
(C) Eleventh (Amendment) Act
(D) Twenty Fourth Amendment) Act
(Ans : B)

57. The basic – structure theory of the Constitution of India implies that–
(A) Fundamental Rights cannot be abridged or taken away.
(B) The Constitution can not be amended except in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Art-368
(C) The Preamble of the Constitution cannot be amended for it is not a part of the Constitution and at the same time it represents real spirit of Constitution
(D) Certain features of the Constitution are so essential to it that they can not be amended
(Ans : D)

58. Who among the following has termed Indian Federalism as ‘Cooperative Federalism’ ?
(A) K. C. Wheare
(B) Morris Jones
(C) Granville Austin
(D) Jennings
(Ans : C)

59. Which one of the following statements regarding ‘Exit Poll’ is correct ?
(A) ‘Exit-Poll’ is a term used to denote a post-election survey of voters regarding the candidate in whose favour they had exercised their franchiese
(B) ‘Exit-Poll’ and ‘Opinion-Poll’ are one and the same
(C) ‘Exit-Poll’ is a device through which results of voting can be most exactly predicted
(D) ‘Exit-Poll’ is an administrative device made by the Chief Election Commissioner to prevent impersonation (Ans : A)

60. Which of the following models of bureaucracy exists in India today?
(A) Committed bureaucracy
(B) Fully politicised bureaucracy
(C) Semi-politicised bureaucracy
(D) Depoliticised bureaucracy
(Ans : C)

61. According to the Balwant Rai Mehta Committee, the District collector should be–
(A) kept out of the Zila Parishad (B) a non-voting member of the Zila Parishad
(C) a member of the Zila Parishad with the right to vote (D) the Chairman of the Zila Parishad (Ans : D)

62. Which of the following is not a source of revenue for the village panchayats ?
(A) Tax on agricultural income
(B) Tax on property, animals and vehicles
(C) Voluntary donations
(D) Grants from the State Government
(Ans : A)

63. Panchayati Raj form of rural local government was adopted first (in the order) by–
(A) Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
(B) Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal
(C) Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh
(D) Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh
(Ans : C)

64. In India, Central Vigilance Commission was set-up on the recommendation of–
(A) Administrative Reforms Commission of India
(B) Gorwala Reprot
(C) Kripalani Committee
(D) Santhanam Committee
(Ans : D)

65. Which one of the following High Courts had the Territorial-Jurisdiction over’ Andaman and Nicobar’ Islands?
(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Calcutta
(C) Madras
(D) Orissa
(Ans : B)

66. The primary function of the Finance Commission in India is to–
(A) distribute revenue between the Centre and the States
(B) prepare the Annual Budget
(C) advice the President on financial matters
(D) allocate funds to various ministries of the Union and State Governments (Ans : A)

67. The ultimate responsibility of taking due action on the comments of the Comptroller and Auditor General vests with–
(A) Supreme Court
(B) Parliament
(C) President of India
(D) National Development Council
(Ans : B)

68. Which of the following statements is / are correct with regard to Indian Audit?
(A) Indian Audit is primarily a legality audit
(B) Indian Audit is governed not by law but by an executive order
(C) The Audit is mostly limited to the expenditure side only
(D) All the three above
(Ans : D)

69. Which one of the following recommended the creation of the office of ‘Lokpal’ ?
(A) National Police Commission
(B) States Reorganization Commission
(C) Administrative Reform Commission
(D) Inter-State Council
(Ans : C)

70. The Judges of the International Court of Justice are elected by the–
(A) U.N. General Assembly only
(B) U.N. Security Council only
(C) U.N. General Assembly and U.N. Security Council both
(D) Economic and Social Council
(Ans : C)

71. ‘Optional Clause’ which defines the compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, originates from which one of the following Articles of the Statute of the International Court of Justice?
(A) Article – 34 (B) Article – 35
(C) Article – 36
(D) Article – 40
(Ans : C)

72. The historic Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh in which the two countries agreed to transfer the enclaves to each others sovereignty was concluded in–
(A) 1972
(B) 1973
(C) 1974
(D) 1975
(Ans : C)

73. The number of ‘SAARC’ (South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation) countries is–
(A) 7
(B) 8
(C) 9
(D) 10
(Ans : B)

74. The words ‘Socialist’ and ‘Secular’ were added to the Preamble of Constitution of India by–
(A) 41st Amendment
(B) 42nd Amendment
(C) 44th Amendment
(D) 46th Amendment
(Ans : B)

75. Which Article of the Constitution of India provides that it shall be the endeavour of every State to provide adequate facility for instruction in the mother-tongue at the primary stage of Education?
(A) Article 349
(B) Article 350
(C) Article 350-A
(D) Article 351
(Ans : C)

76. Which of the following writs is not specifically provided in the Constitution of India?
(A) Prohibition
(B) Mandamus
(C) Quo-warranto
(D) Injunction
(Ans : D)

77. ‘Economic drain’ theory was popularized by–
(A) The Britishers
(B) Dadabhai Naoroji
(C) Vera Anstey
(D) V. V. Bhatt
(Ans : B)

78. The logo of eco-mark in India is–
(A) Rising Sun
(B) Earthen Pot
(C) Lion
(D) Wheat ear
(Ans : B)

79. Which among the following Five Year Plans could not start on its due time?
(A) 12th
(B) 11th
(C) 9th
(D) 8th
(Ans : D)

80. Which of the following countries has launched a major expansion of the Suez Canal ?
(A) Syria
(B) Egypt
(C) Lebanon
(D) None of the above
(Ans : B)

81. How many UN member countries have reached an agreement on the outcome document of New Sustainable Development Agenda?
(A) 204
(B) 197
(C) 193
(D) 198
(Ans : C)

82. What is the name of the mobile app which facilitates easy learning of Computer and Internet?
(A) Dristi
(B) Disha
(C) Nayak
(D) Pawan
(Ans : B)

83. Which of the following banks became the first in country to launch MUDRA Card in July 2015 ?
(A) Bank of India
(B) Corporation Bank
(C) Indian Bank
(D) State Bank of India
(Ans : B)

84. Which Indian American diplomat was recently appointed as the U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives?
(A) Richard Rahul Verma
(B) Suresh Rana
(C) Atul Kashyap
(D) Rakesh Sharma
(Ans : C)

85. The Book ‘Green Signals : Ecology, Growth and Democracy in India’, has been written by–
(A) Jairam Ramesh
(B) Meira Kumar
(C) P. Chidambaram
(D) Medha Patkar/ (Megha Patekar)
(Ans : A)

86. Who amongst the following has not been inducted as member of the newly constituted cricket advisory committee of BCCI on June 1, 2015 ?
(A) Rahul Dravid
(B) Sachin Tendulkar
(C) Sourav Ganguly
(D) V.V.S. Laxman
(Ans : A)

87. Which are the three ‘SAARC’ countries with whom India has signed a motor vehicle agreement on June 15, 2015 ?
(A) Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives
(B) Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan
(C) Paksitan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
(D) Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives
(Ans : B)

88. In the second quarter of 2015, the Indian Government in principle has decided to set-up how many new ‘nuclear power projects’ in the country?
(A) 7
(B) 8
(C) 9
(D) 10
(Ans : D)

89. Which country amongst the following decided in May 2015 to lift ban on import of rice from India?
(A) Iran
(B) China
(C) Brazil
(D) U. S. A.
(Ans : A)

90. Which State /Union Territory decided in May 2015 not to allow foreign direct investment in retail market?
(A) Haryana
(B) Delhi
(C) Mizoram
(D) Kerala
(Ans : B)

91. At what rank World Economic Forum report has placed India on ‘Human Capital Index’ in May 2015?
(A) 128th
(B) 120th
(C) 108th
(D) 100th
(Ans : D)

92. On May 25, 2015 who amongst the following was declared as ‘International Batsman of the Year’ in CEAT Awards?
(A) Ajinkya Rahane
(B) Hashim Arnla
(C) Kumar Sangakara
(D) Rangana Herath
(Ans : B)

93. Dr. Suniti Solomon, who passed away recently, was associated with which field?
(A) Film
(B) Medical
(C) Music
(D) Literature
(Ans : B)

94. Which among the following is India’s largest e-commerce company?
(A) Flipkart
(B) Jabong
(C) m-junction
(D) Bharti Airtel
(Ans : C)

95. The State which ranks next to Kerala in terms of female literacy in India according to Census 2011 is–
(A) Mizoram
(B) Tripura
(C) Goa
(D) Meghalaya
(Ans : A)

96. Which State of India has launched the Village Monitoring Project to uplift villages?
(A) Maharashtra
(B) Kerala
(C) Gujarat
(D) Haryana
(Ans : D)

97. Who among the following has been recently appointed as Executive-Director of RBI ?
(A) Reena Hemchanda
(B) Leena Hemchanda
(C) Meena Hemchanda
(D) Heena Hemchanda
(Ans : C)

98. Which State of India has recently decided to start ‘She-Bus’ programme?
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Karnataka
(C) Kerala
(D) Andhra Pradesh
(Ans : C)

99. Which one of the following countries is the largest producer of steel in the world?
(A) U.S.A.
(B) West Germany
(C) China
(D) India
(Ans : C)

100. ‘NITI-Aayog’ has been constituted under which Article of the Constitution of India?
(A) Article – 280
(B) Article – 282
(C) Article – 286
(D) None of the above
(Ans : D)

101. Ultra Mega Power Plants in India are–
(A) Coal based
(B) Hydro based
(C) Nuclear
(D) Gas based
(Ans : A)

102. Which among the following sectors has contributed most to the growth of G.D.P. in India in 2014-15 ?
(A) Service Sector
(B) Manufacturing Sector
(C) Primary Sector
(D) Foreign Trade Sector
(Ans : A)

103. In India, which among the following is not included in Small Savings Scheme?
(A) Public Sector Bank savings deposit
(B) Public Provident Fund
(C) Senior Citizen Saving Scheme
(D) National Savings Certificate (VIIIth issue)
(Ans : A)

104. Main thrust of 20 point economic programme (restructured in 2006) in India, is–
(A) Removal of poverty only
(B) Improvement in quality of life only
(C) Benefit of insurance for all only
(D) Only A and B above
(Ans : D)

105. The Head Office of Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is located at–
(A) New Delhi
(B) Mumbai
(C) Ahmedabad
(D) Lucknow
(Ans : B)

106. In which State India’s first railway line is being built under public private partnership model?
(A) West Bengal
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Gujarat
(Ans : D)

107. Viticulture is known for the production of–
(A) Apple
(B) Grapes
(C) Pineapple
(D) Wheat
(Ans : B)

108. Black-Revolution is related to–
(A) Coal production
(B) Black hole
(C) Petroleum production
(D) Leather production
(Ans : C)

109. India purchased 200 Tonnes of gold from IMF in which of the following Five Year Plans?
(A) 7th
(B) 8th
(C) 10th
(D) 11th
(Ans : D)

110. Which among the following was the theme of 9th National Statistics Day of India observed in 2015?
(A) Social Development
(B) Financial Inclusion
(C) Digital India
(D) E-governance
(Ans : A)

111. Which of the following Banks has become the first Bank to launch ‘Watch-Banking Scheme’ in India?
(A) ICICI Bank
(B) HDFC Bank
(C) Axis Bank
(Ans : B)

112. Account under ‘Sukanya-Samriddhi Yojana’ can be opened for a daughter aged-
(A) Maximum 7 years
(B) Maximum 8 years
(C) Maximum 9 years
(D) Maximum 10 years
(Ans : D)

113. Which is the largest fresh water lake in India ?
(A) Chilka
(B) Wular
(C) Loktak
(D) Sambhar
(Ans : B)

114. As per the United Nations Annual Hunger Report released in May 2015, India has the highest number of hungry people in the world. Which country among the following has the least number of hungry people?
(A) Philippines
(B) Nigeria
(C) Indonesia
(D) Bangladesh
(Ans : B)

115. The Govt. of India has approved setting up of how many ITBP outposts along the China Border in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim ?
(A) 30
(B) 35
(C) 42
(D) 45
(Ans : C)

116. A two day G-7 Summit was held in June 2015 in–
(A) London
(B) Paris
(C) Bavaria
(D) Barn
(Ans : C)

117. By which year, the Union Cabinet on June 17, 2015 has proposed to provide ‘Housing for All’ ?
(A) 2030
(B) 2025
(C) 2022
(D) 2018
(Ans : C)

118. Few coaches of two trains were drowned in the river in Harda district of M.P. in an accident which occurred on August 5, 2015. The name of the river is–
(A) Narmada
(B) Betwa
(C) Kali Machak
(D) Son
(Ans : C)

119. In India, on which day, first ‘National Handloom Day’ was celebrated?
(A) August 9, 2015
(B) August 7, 2015
(C) August 9, 2014
(D) August 7, 2014
(Ans : B)

120. Sale have been restricted on Maggi noddles of Nestle Company in India. Where is the head office of Group Company located?
(A) Switzerland
(B) France
(C) Germany
(D) U.K.
(Ans : A)

121. According to projection of U.N. Report 2015, the world population by 2050 will be–
(A) 7.3 billion
(B) 8.4 billion
(C) 9.7 billion
(D) 11.2 billion
(Ans : D)

122. At which place first phase of metrotrain was inaugurated by a lady Chief Minister and the driver of the first metro train was also a lady?
(A) Jaipur
(B) Ahmedabad
(C) Chennai
(D) Kolkata
(Ans : C)

123. Harbhajan Kaur Dheer of Indian – origin has been elected Mayor in May 2015, in which country ?
(A) Australia
(B) New Zealand
(C) U.S.A.
(D) U.K.
(Ans : D)

124. On which topic former President of India late A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was giving lecture when he suffered a severe heart attack and died later?
(A) Life on Earth (B) Livable Planet
(C) Search for possibility of life on moon
(D) Multiple dimensions of innovations
(Ans : B)

125. From year 1954 till 2014, how many eminent persons have been given the highest civilian award ‘Bharat Ratna’ ?
(A) 42
(B) 43
(C) 44
(D) 45
(Ans : B)

126. The Headquarters of ‘INTERPOLE’ (International Police) is situated at–
(A) London (England)
(B) Vienna (Austria)
(C) Lyons (France)
(D) Geneva (Switzerland)
(Ans : C)

127. What is the name of Parliament of Afghanistan ?
(A) Majlis
(B) Shora
(C) National Assembly
(D) Jatiya Sansad
(Ans : B)

128. In which year, Taj Mahal was included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites?
(A) 1973
(B) 1983
(C) 1987
(D) 2004
(Ans : B)

129. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary will be held in the year–
(A) 2016 (B) 2018
(C) 2019
(D) 2020
(Ans : A)

130. Who among the following has authored the recent book : ‘Gods of Corruption’ highlighting involvement of high-ups?
(A) Ajit Seth
(B) Pro mila Shankar
(C) T. S. R. Subrahmanyam
(D) Shashank Shekhar
(Ans : B)

131. Famous renowned space scientist and Ex-President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam’s full name is–
(A) Abdul Pakar Jainuluddin Abdul Kalam
(B) Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
(C) Akhlaq Pakir Jainuljafri Abdul Kalam
(D) Ali Pakir Jainulakhlaq Abdul Kalam
(Ans : B)

132. Full form of SIM is–
(A) Subscribers Identity Module
(B) Subscribers Identity Mechanism
(C) Self Identity Machine
(D) Self Identity Module
(Ans : A)

133. The instrument used in ‘lie’ detecting is–
(A) Pyrometer
(B) Seismograph
(C) Polygraph
(D) Phonograph
(Ans : C)

134. Protein present in wheat grain is–
(A) Albumin
(B) Cystein
(C) Glutenin
(D) Keratin
(Ans : AandC)

135. National Flower of India is–
(A) Rose
(B) Lotus
(C) Gudhal
(D) Sunflower
(Ans : B)

136. Which of the following is sulphur containing amino acid?
(A) Tryptophan
(B) Proline
(C) Methionine
(D) Aspartic acid
(Ans : C)

137. Five countries are contributing for construction of world’s largest telescope ‘Thirty meter’. These countries are–
(A) India, China, Japan, Germany and Pakistan
(B) India, China, Japan, America and Pakistan
(C) India, China, Japan, America and Canada
(D) China, Japan, America, Canada and England
(Ans : C)

138. The ‘God-Particle’ is–
(A) Photon of Sunlight
(B) Smallest vibrating Particle Phonon
(C) Higgs-Boson Particle
(D) Quantum Particle
(Ans : C)

139. Indian Space Mission related to planet mass is named as MOM, which is meant for–
(A) Mapping of Mars
(B) Mapper of Mars
(C) Mars Orbiter Mission
(D) Mars Odissi Mission
(Ans : C)

140. ‘BRAHMOS’, a supersonic missile jointly developed by India and Russia was adopted by Indian Army on–
(A) 21 June, 2007
(B) 20 March, 2013
(C) 20 June, 2013
(D) 21 March, 2007
(Ans : A)

141. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was established in–
(A) 1972
(B) 1969
(C) 1962
(D) 1958
(Ans : B)

142. ‘Gate Way of Information’ is–
(A) e-mail
(B) Pager
(C) Cellular Phone
(D) Internet
(Ans : D)

143. ‘E-Diesel’ is ethanol mixed diesel fuel which is prepared from ordinary diesel by mixing ethanol in percentage of–
(A) 7.70
(B) 5.50
(C) 4.50
(D) 2.70
(Ans : A)

144. In western hemisphere, ozone-layer hole is a major factor for the incidence of which of the following ailments?
(A) Baldness
(B) Asthma
(C) Skin cancer
(D) Lung cancer
(Ans : C)

145. Which one of the following is not digested in human body?
(A) Starch
(B) Casein
(C) Cellulose
(D) Vegetable oil
(Ans : C)

146. When kept in air, which of the following elements glows in dark?
(A) Platinum
(B) Strontium
(C) White phosphorus
(D) Red phosphorus
(Ans : C)

147. Which one of the following organic substances is an insecticide?
(A) Lindane
(B) Pyrene
(C) Oil of Wintergreen
(D) Chloroform
(Ans : A)

148. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists–
List-I (Vitamins) List-II (Deficiency disease)
(a) Vitamin A 1. Beri-beri
(b) Vitamin B1 2. Night-blindness
(c) Vitamin C 3. Rickets
(d) Vitamin D 4. Scurvy
Codes :
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 1 2 3 4
(B) 2 3 1 4
(C) 2 1 4 3
(D) 1 4 3 2
(Ans : C)

149. National Botanical Research Institute is situated at–
(A) Lucknow
(B) New Delhi
(C) Dehradun
(D) Chennai
(Ans : A)

150. Which among the following is known as laughing gas?
(A) Nitrous oxide
(B) Nitric oxide
(C) Nitrogen dioxide
(D) Nitrogen pentoxide
(Ans : A)

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