UTET Exam Nov 2021 | Paper – 1 (Primary Level) | Part – V – Environmental Studies

UTET Exam Nov 2021 Paper – 1 (Primary Level)

Exam Date : 26.11.2021

Part – V – Environmental Studies

121. Largest Ecosystem of the world is –

(A) Forest

(B) Grass Land

(C) Lake

(D) Ocean


Answer – (D)

122. First National Park of India is –

(A) Kanha

(B) Periyar

(C) Corbett

(D) Rajaji


Answer – (C)

123. In villages, people use wood as fuel because –

(A) it is considered to be an ideal fuel.

(B) of its easy availability and low cost.

(C) it is environment friendly.

(D) it catches fire easily.


Answer – (B)

124. Soil erosion can be prevented by –

(A) raising forests

(B) deforestation

(C) excessive use of fertilizer

(D) overgrazing by animals


Answer – (A)

125. Ganga Action Plan (G.A.P.) was launched in –

(A) in 1986

(B) In 1988

(C) in 1990

(D) in 1983


Answer – (A)

126. Intensity of radioactivity is measured in

(A) Decibel

(B) Curie

(C) Hertz

(D) None of these


Answer – (B)

127. Mycorrhiza is present in –

(A) Cycas

(B) Rose

(C) Pinus (Chir)

(D) Buransh


Answer – (C)

128. Effect of Tinnitus disease is –

(A) Persistent ringing sound in ear

(B) Low eye sight

(C) Dry Skin

(D) Slow Heart Beat


Answer – (A)

129. Which of the following is/are not air pollutant?

(A) X-Ray

(B) CO2, CO gas

(C) SPM particle

(D) SO2 gas


Answer – (A)

130. Factor responsible for Little Ice Age is

(A) Plantations

(B) Volcanic Dust

(C) Excessive Transport Vehicles

(D) Sound Pollutants


Answer – (B)

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