UTET 2021 – 2 (Junior Level) | भाग – II – भाषा – I : अंग्रेजी | (Part – II – Language – I : English)

UTET 2021 – 2 (Junior Level)


Exam Date :– 24th March 202

भाग – II – भाषा – I : अंग्रेजी

(Part – II – Language – I : English)

31. What is the use of textbook in a class?

(A) to limit the course content

(B) to achieve learning objectives

(C) to explain ideas and concepts

(D) to make learning interesting


Answer – (B)

32. At the pre-primary stage reading aloud while writing is given importance. This is based on which theory of learning?

(A) Trial and Error

(B) Imitation

(C) Insight

(D) Conditioning


Answer – (D)

33. Noam Chomsky’s LAD is :

(A) Language Acquisition Device

(B) Language Adaptability Device

(C) Linguistic Acquisition Detector

(D) Linguistic Aptitude Detector


Answer – (A)

34. Select the incorrectly spelled word from the following:

(A) Diarrohea

(B) Embarrass

(C) Occasion

(D) Committee


Answer – (A)

35. Choose from the given options such sentences in which the use of preposition is incorrect :

(A) Send this letter to this address

(B) Put your signature in blue ink.

(C) Hard work is a key of success.

(D) She is short of money.


Answer – (C)

36. Complete the following sentence using the appropriate phrase preposition from the given option.

______ all his worries he keeps cheerful.

(A) In view of

(B) Owing to

(C) In spite of

(D) Instead of


Answer – (C)

37. Transform the following superlative sentence into a positive sentence.

Akbar was one of the greatest kings:

(A) Few kings were as great as Akbar.

(B) Few kings were great like Akbar

(C) Akbar was greater a king than anyone.

(D) No king was great like Akbar


Answer – (A)

38. The study of the formation of words is known as:

(A) Phonology

(B) Morphology

(C) Syntax

(D) Semantics


Answer – (B)

39. Which of the following methods of language learning and teaching is also known as the Berlitz method?

(A) The Audio-lingual method

(B) The Grammar translation method

(C) The Direct method

(D) The Communicative Language, Teaching


Answer – (C)

40. A sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable, in which the sound begins as one vowel and moves towards another, is known as:

(A) Diphthong

(B) Bilabial

(C) Penultimate syllable

(D) Intonation


Answer – (A)

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