RRB JE Syllabus for Electronics & Allied Engineering Exam

  1. Electronic Components & Materials
    Conductors, Semi conductor& Insulators; Magnetic materials; Jointing & Cleaning materials for U/G copper cable & OFC; Cells and Batteries (chargeable and non chargeable); Relays, Switches, MCB & Connectors.
  2. Electronic Devices and circuits
    PN Junction diodes, thyristor; Diode and triode circuits; Junction Transistors; Amplifiers; Oscillator; M u l t i v i b r a t o r , counters; Rectifiers; Inverter and UPS.
  3. Digital Electronics
    Number System & Binary codes; Boolean Algebra & Logic gates; Combinational & Sequential logic circuits; A/D & D/A converter, counters; Memories
  4. Linear Integrated Circuit
    Introduction to operational Amplifier; Linear applications; Non Linear applications; Voltage regulators; Timers; Phase lock loop.
  5. Microprocessor and Microcontroller
    Introduction to microprocessor, 8085 microprocessor working; Assembly Language programming; Peripherals & other microprocessors; Microcontrollers
  6. Electronic Measurements
    Measuring systems; Basic principles of measurement; Range Extension methods; Cathode ray oscilloscope, LCD, LED panel; Transducers
  7. Communication Engineering
    Introduction to communication; Modulation techniques; Multiplexing Techniques; Wave Propagation, Transmission line characteristics, OFC; Fundamentals of Public Address systems, Electronic exchange, Radar, Cellular and Satellite Communication.
  8. Data communication and Network
    Introduction to data communication; Hardware and interface; Introduction to Networks and Networking devices; Local Area Network and Wide area network; Internet working.
  9. Computer Programming
    Programming concepts; Fundamentals of ‘C’ and C ++; Operators in ‘C’ and C ++; Control Statements; Functions, Array String & Pointers, File Structure; Data Structure and DBMS
  10. Basic Electrical Engg.
    DC Circuits; AC fundamentals; Magnetic, Thermal and Chemical effects of Electric current; Earthing – Installation, Maintenance, Testing,


  1. What will be the questions for jjb Jr engineer,if I choose electronics and allied engineering while filling the form,so my stream is computer science and engineering.so questions asking from my branch or electronics in CBT-2

    • I have the same situation. My trade is computer science and engineering. But i have only one choice for “exam group details” section which is “Electronics and Allied Engineering”. Why isn’t there something related to computer science engineering?

  2. if you done your qualification in computer science and IT than you can choose exam trade Computer Sci or Electronic & allied engr, otherwise, if you are from Computer science & engineering than you have only option for Electronic and allied eng..

    In short, your syllabus comes from Electronic not from Computer subs.
    Dinesh..its for you.

  3. I choose Informtion Technology while filling RRB JE form but after filling the form ,I found that my exam group mentioned in application form is Electronics and Allied then what should I study for CBT 2 “IT Syllabus or Electronics.
    Please answer me and suggest what should I do.

  4. i am also confused with the procedure because i am computer science gradutae but the only option while filling the application form waselectronics and allied engineering.

  5. Sir meri branch cs hai but maine form fill up Kiya to branch cs fill ki or exam group detail may cs branch ka show nahi kar Raha hai to uski jagah electronic and allied communication fill Kiya hai
    Sir kya mujhe electronics communications branch ka paper Dena hoga CBT 2nd may

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