REET Level 1 Primary Exam 2021 | Section – III, Language – II (English)

REET Level 1 Primary Exam 2021

परीक्षा तिथि (Exam Date) :- 26 September 2021

Section – III, Language – II (English)

61. With ______ students come to see the tests not as a punishment but as a useful feedback. The classmates work together for ‘common intellectual welfare’:

(A) Self evaluation

(B) Group evaluation

(C) Peer evaluation

(D) CCE evaluation


Answer – (C)

62. “What do you think about the two candidates in this election?” This is an example of

(A) Open ended question

(B) Close ended question

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of these


Answer – (A)

63. Which test items consist of a stem, the correct answer, keyed alternative and distractor?

(A) Diagnostic test

(B) Multiple choice test

(C) Close test

(D) Oral test


Answer – (B)

64. The remedial English classes are very helpful for the students who are

(A) Below the age of 18 years

(B) Unable to achieve the required grades

(C) Poor and can’t get formal education

(D) Rich and can afford computer


Answer – (B)

65. Feedback is always

(A) Summative

(B) Formative

(C) Annual

(D) Objective


Answer – (B)

66. ‘Petrarchan’ is one of the categories of

(A) Ode

(B) Elegy

(C) Sonnet

(D) Drama


Answer – (C)

67. The number of pure vowels is

(A) 9

(B) 10

(C) 11

(D) 12


Answer – (D)

68. p, t, k, θ, s, ∫, h, t ∫/are called

(A) Voiced consonants

(B) Voiceless consonants

(C) Pure vowels

(D) Impure vowels


Answer – (B)

69. Choose the correct phonetic symbol for the underlined sound of the word:


(A) /wot ∫/

(B) /west/

(C) /wכ:tə(r)/

(D) /wD∫rU:/


Answer – (C)

70. Find out the word which begins with different sound from other given words:

(A) Reach

(B) Reap

(C) Rich

(D) Read


Answer – (C)

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