REET Level 1 Primary Exam 2021 | Section – II, Language – I (English)

REET Level 1 Primary Exam 2021

परीक्षा तिथि (Exam Date) :- 26 September 2021

Section – II, Language – I (English)

  1. Which of the following words is correctly spelt?
    (A) Vaccum
    (B) Vaccuum
    (C) Vaacum
    (D) Vacuum

Answer – (D)

  1. The two kinds of reading skills are
    (A) Verbal and visual reading
    (B) slow and fast reading
    (C) silent reading and reading aloud
    (D) all of these

Answer – (C)

  1. Which of the following is a criterion for selection of a writing task to be given to the students to develop their writing skills?
    (A) Interest of students
    (B) Level of the class
    (C) Both (A) and (B)
    (D) None of these

Answer – (C)

  1. Multimedia resources do not include
    (A) Audio resources
    (B) Video resources
    (C) Computers
    (D) Pens and pencils

Answer – (D)

  1. Who has given the concept of Transformational Generative Grammar?
    (A) Edward Sapir
    (B) Roman Jakobson
    (C) Noam Chomsky
    (D) Ferdinand de Saussure

Answer – (C)

  1. Which one of the following skills uses praise words and approving statements to motivate the students?
    (A) Response variation
    (B) Explaining skill
    (C) Reinforcement
    (D) Lecturing

Answer – (C)
Passage (For QNos. 37-40):
We all use roads. We walk on them or drive our vehicles on them. We go across them or walk on the pavements along them. In cities there are footpaths or pavements along the roads. Those who walk on them are called pedestrians. It is safe to use footpaths if we are walking.
Roads in big cities are very busy. They are crowded with all kinds of vehicles like buses, trucks, cars, three wheelers, motor cycles, scooters, bicycles etc. Slow Moving bullocks carts, horse carriages, etc. can also be seen there. Walking and driving on such roads is always very risky. People in a hurry ignore the rules of the road and cause accidents. A lot of people die or get injured in such accidents everyday. The best way to avoid accidents is to obey the rules of the road.

  1. The synonym of ‘pavement’ is
    (A) Road
    (B) Traffic
    (C) Footway
    (D) Walk

Answer – (C)

  1. The antonym of ‘busy’ is
    (A) occupied
    (B) idle
    (C) tired
    (D) freedom

Answer – (B)

  1. Find out the word form the passage that means,
    “The people who walk on a pavement.”
    (A) Bullock carts
    (B) Horse carriages
    (C) Pedestrains
    (D) Vehicles

Answer – (C)

  1. The verb form of the noun ‘driving’ is
    (A) drive
    (B) undrive
    (C) driver
    (D) none of these

Answer – (A)

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