Paper:UP D.El.Ed. 2nd Semester VII Paper

सप्तम प्रश्न पत्र – अंग्रेजी

Multiple Choice Type Questions


1.  Which method is a midway between translation cum grammar method and direct method.
(a) Dr. West’s new method
(b) Bilingual method
(c) Herbartian method
(d) Substitution method

2.  What is the full form of TLM:
(a) Teaching learning matter
(b) Teaching listening material
(c) Teaching learning material
(d) None of these above

3. Fill the correct preposition
We got ……… difficulties.
(a) In
(b) at
(c) on
(d) into

4. What are the two productive skills:
(a) Listening skill and reading Skill
(b) Speaking skill and writing skill
(c) Listening skill and speaking skill
(d) Reading skill and writing skill

5. Fill in the blank with suitable pronoun:
(a) Whom
(b) Which
(c) Who
(d) Whose

Very Short Answer Type Question


6. Change the following into direct speech:
Ashok told Raman that he could speak English:

7. Change the following into active voice:
My book was stolen by him.

8. Fill in the blanks:
He is ………..  slow to win the race (too, to)

9. Superlative degree of ‘red’ is . .
(a) reddest (b) redder (c) most reddest (d) more reader

10. Change the following into negative sentence:
I was speaking to somebody.

11. Chang the following into positive degree:
Pawan is one of the most intelligent boy.

Short Answer Type Question

12. Define noun and its type with example.

13. What is the use of audio-visual aids? Give some examples of audio-visual aids?

14. Write the general aim of ‘Poetry teaching.

15. Write one word for the following expression:
(a) The science of vegetable life.
(b) Work without the name of author.

16. Complete the spelling of the followings .
(i) a __ g __ me __ t
(i) u__ __ o__nt____b__c

17. Write an application to your principal for full fee concession.

18. Fill in the blanks with suitable words given in the brackets:
(i) He can not ___________ my offer. (accpet/except)
(ii) Do not walk______ footed.(bear/bare)

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