HPTET JBT Exam 2019 | Section – 2 (English)

HPTET JBT Exam 2019 (Answer Key)

Exam Date :– 24th November 2019

Section – 2 (English)

Note : Fill up the blanks with appropriate conjunctions for questions no. 31 to 32.

31. Catch me ______ you can.

(A) if

(B) but

(C) till

(D) as


Answer – (A)

32. Wait ______ I come.

(A) if

(B) as

(C) till

(D) but


Answer – (C)

Note: choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word printed in capitals for questions no. 33 to 34.


(A) good

(B) bad

(C) best

(D) worse


Answer – (C)


(A) angry

(B) satisfied

(C) peaceful

(D) sad


Answer – (B)

Note: Select the words which means the same to the word printed in capitals for questions no. 35.


(A) Degrace

(B) smooth

(C) dishonour

(D) glory


Answer – (D)

Note : Select the synonyms of the following for questions no. 36

36. Mr. Abdul Kalam Azad did the job with a great passion

(A) destruction

(B) climan

(C) difficulty

(D) zeal


Answer – (D)

Note : Questions no. 37 to 41 read the passage carefully and answer the questions:

I came to a shop called the lucky shop. The shopkeeper wanted everybody to try their luck. They were numbered from 1 to 10 facing down. You had to pay 50 paise,pick up any six discs and add up the numbers. The article marked with that number was yours. I wanted to try my luck. I paid 50 paise and tried it. My luck was not too good. I got two pencils. The shopkeeper bought them for 25 paise, I tried again and got an ink-bottle for the second time. The shopkeeper bought that too for 25 paise. In the hope of winning a big prize, tried my luck again and again till the last 50 paise disappeared.

I come back to my house and told the whole incident to my father. Hepatted me and said, “The man made a fool of you.” He played tricks to tempt you.

37. What did the writter have to pay to try his luck?

(A) 25 paise

(B) 50 paise

(C) nothing

(D) 10 paise


Answer – (B)

38. What did the writer get for the first time?

(A) clock

(B) ink bottle

(C) 2 pencils

(D) ring


Answer – (C)

39. What did the writer get for the second time?

(A) nothing

(B) ink bottle

(C) pencils

(D) clock


Answer – (B)

40. What did the father say to the write

(A) The man made him fool.

(B) Don’t try you luck again.

(C) Don’t waste your money.

(D) You are a bad boy.


Answer – (A)

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