HP TET Exam 2020 | Section II : English

HP JBT TET Exam 2020(Answer Key)

Exam Date :– 25th August 2020

Section – II : English

31. ‘A lion’s share’ means ______.

(A) The lion’s piece of meat

(B) The term used in share market

(C) A narrow escape from lion’s attack

(D) A big share of something


Answer – (D)

32. ‘Close the window’ – change into passive voice.

(A) Let the window be closed.

(B) Let the window was closed.

(C) Let the window has closed.

(D) Let the window is closed.


Answer – (A)

33. Choose the correct sentence from the options given below:

(A) He informed the matter to the police

(B) He asked the matter to the police

(C) He reported the matter to the police

(D) He replied the matter to the police


Answer – (C)

34. Who is known as ‘the father of English Drama’?

(A) William Shakespeare

(B) William Wordsworth

(C) John Milton

(D) John Keats


Answer – (A)

35. Who is the author of ‘The Guide’?

(A) Khuswant Singh

(B) Sarat Chandra

(C) R.K. Narayan

(D) Udit Narayan


Answer – (C)

36. ‘A Mime’ is ______.

(A) A theatrical entertainment with only one character

(B) in which characters tell a story by gestures

(C) a religious drama

(D) comic episodes


Answer – (B)

37. Money makes the ______ go.

(A) hare

(B) horse

(C) mare

(D) man


Answer – (C)

38. A little knowledge is a ______ thing.

(A) beautiful

(B) nice

(C) dangerous

(D) good


Answer – (C)

39. He is not ______ clever as his brother

(A) so

(B) as

(C) too

(D) much


Answer – (B)

40. You will win the first prize ______ you work hard.

(A) even if

(B) even though

(C) if

(D) unless


Answer – (C)

41. Hurry up ______ you will be late.

(A) and

(B) without

(C) or

(D) unless


Answer – (C)

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