HP TET Arts Exam 2020 (EN) | Section – III : Social Studies

HP TET Arts Exam 2020 (EN)

Exam Date :– 12th December 2020

Section – III : Social Studies

61. Which of the following revolution is known as the October Revolution?

(A) Russian Revolution

(B) England Revolution

(C) French Revolution

(D) German Revolution


Answer – (A)

62. In Indian system which is the basic unit of administration ?

(A) Tehsil

(B) Revenue Mandal

(C) Village

(D) District


Answer – (D)

63. Which of the following is appointed as first Lokpal of India?

(A) Justice A.K. Goel

(B) Justice Deepak Mishra

(C) Justice P.C. Ghose

(D) Justice Kurian Joseph


Answer – (C)

64. In which year the Right to Information Act was enacted in India ?

(A) 2002

(B) 2003

(C) 2004

(D) 2005


Answer – (D)

65. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee was related to which of the following?

(A) Panchayati Raj System

(B) State Centre Relationship

(C) Rural development

(D) Election reforms


Answer – (A)

66. When was the Indian National Flag adopted ?

(A) 15th August 1947

(B) 27th July 1947

(C) 22nd July 1947

(D) 26th January 1947


Answer – (C)

67. In Indian Constitution the Education subject is in which list?

(A) Union list

(B) State list

(C) Concurrent list

(D) Residuary Subjects.


Answer – (C)

68. In which year the Supreme Court of India Started functioning?

(A) 1950

(B) 1952

(C) 1951

(D) 1953


Answer – (A)

69. Election commission of India functions under the

(A) Home Ministry

(B) Law Ministry

(C) Prime Minister’s Office

(D) None of the above


Answer – (D)

70. Dr. BR Ambedkar called which fundamental right as the “soul and heart” of Indian Constitution ?

(A) Right against exploitation

(B) Right to religious freedom

(C) Right to equality

(D) Right to Constitutional remedies


Answer – (D)

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