HP TET Arts Exam 2020 (EN) | Section – II : English

HP TET Arts Exam 2020 (EN)

Exam Date :– 12th December 2020

Section – II : English

Directions : Question 31 to 32 : Each question has Three sentences (A), (B) and (C) as options. Choose the most suitable sentence in accordance with correct use of tense. Select (D) if none is correct.


(A) Why are you cooking food today?

(B) Why do you cook today?

(C) Why have you been cooking food today?

(D) None


Answer – (A)


(A) I have received your letter this morning

(B) I had received your letter this morning.

(C) I received your letter this morning

(D) None


Answer – (C)

Directions : Question 33 to 35: Below are given sentences in active/passive voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select one which best expresses the same sentence in passive/active voice.

33. One must keep one’s promises.

(A) One’s promises are kept.

(B) One’s promises must kept.

(C) One’s promises were kept.

(D) One’s promises must be kept.


Answer – (D)

34. The shopkeeper lowered the prices.

(A) The prices lowered by shopkeeper.

(B) The prices were lowered by the shopkeeper.

(C) Down went the prices.

(D) The shopkeeper got down the prices.


Answer – (B)

35. The students were laughing at the old man.

(A) The old man was being laughed at by the students.

(B) The old man was laughed at by the students.

(C) The old man was being laughed by the students.

(D) The old man is laughing at the students.


Answer – (A)

Directions: Question 36 to 38 : Complete the sentence with suitable alternatives.

36. He went there so that he ______ borrow money.

(A) may

(B) can

(C) might

(D) Should


Answer – (C)

37. She ______ work hard if she wants to top the merit list.

(A) must have

(B) must

(C) must not

(D) shouldn’t


Answer – (B)

38. She told me that she _______ go to Mumbai next month.

(A) will

(B) should

(C) would

(D) can


Answer – (C)

Directions : Question 39 to 40: Use the most suitable form of infinitive / gerund in the following sentences.

39. He is rich today but he seems ______ in the past.

(A) to be poor

(B) to have been poor

(C) to being poor

(D) None of these


Answer – (A)

40. Today everyone wishes ______ money quickly.

(A) earn

(B) to earn

(C) for earning

(D) None of these


Answer – (B)

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