HP TET Arts Exam 2020 (EN) | Section – I : Psychology

HP TET Arts Exam 2020 (EN)

Exam Date :– 12th December 2020

Section – I : Psychology

1. The oldest method in psychology is

(A) Introspection

(B) Observation

(C) Case Study

(D) Clinical method


Answer – (A)

2. The first book of psychology was written by

(A) Kohler

(B) William James

(C) Clark Hull

(D) Plato


Answer – (B)

3. The real carriers of heredity are

(A) Chromosomes

(B) Genes

(C) Nucleus of the cell

(D) X and Y chromosomes


Answer – (A)

4. Which of the following statement is not correct about development?

(A) Each phase of development has its own hazards.

(B) Development is not aided by stimulation

(C) Development is affected by cultural changes

(D) Each phase of development has characteristic behaviour.


Answer – (B)

5. The pace of development varies from one individual to another, but it follows ______ pattern.

(A) a toe to head

(B) a haphazard

(C) an unpredictable

(D) a sequential and orderly


Answer – (D)

6. “Psychology first lost its soul, then its mind, and then it lost its consciousness, it still has behaviour of a kind” was stated by

(A) Titchener

(B) Wundt

(C) Woodworth

(D) McDougall


Answer – (C)

7. Process of socialization includes

(A) Acquiring values and belief.

(B) Learning the customs and norms of a culture.

(C) Adaptation of social norms.

(D) All of these.


Answer – (D)

8. Piaget called the period of infancy as the

(A) Sensorimotor stage

(B) Pre operational stage

(C) Concrete operational stage

(D) Formal operational stage


Answer – (A)

9. According to Vygotsky, learning cannot be separated from

(A) reinforcement.

(B) a measurable change in behaviour.

(C) perception and attentional process.

(D) its social context.


Answer – (D)

10. Fitting new information into existing schemas is known as?

(A) Accommodation

(B) Equilibration

(C) Assimilation

(D) Organisation


Answer – (C)

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