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Time Table: UP D.El.Ed. (BTC) बीटीसी प्रशिक्षण प्रथम सेमेस्टर एवं द्वितीय सेमेस्टर परीक्षा वर्ष-2019

बीटीसी प्रशिक्षण 2013, 2014, 2015 (आंशिक) डी एल एड  प्रशिक्षण 2017 (आंशिक) एवं डी एल एड प्रशिक्षण 2018 प्रथम सेमेस्टर प्रथम प्रश्न पत्र – बाल विकास एवं सीखने की प्रक्रिया 28.01.2019    (10:00 बजे से 12:00 […]


कट ऑफ समीक्षा अधिकारी प्रारंभिक परीक्षा – 2017

समीक्षा अधिकारी / सहायक समीक्षा अधिकारी प्रारंभिक परीक्षा 2017 (सामान्य / विशेष चयन)    (1)  समीक्षा अधिकारी  (उत्तर प्रदेश सचिवालय), समीक्षा अधिकारी (उत्तर प्रदेश लोक सेवा आयोग), समीक्षा अधिकारी (उत्तर प्रदेश राजस्व परिषद), सहायक समीक्षा […]

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 The entire recruitment process shall involve, 1st stage Computer Based Test (CBT), 2nd stage CBT, and Document Verification/Medical Examination as applicable. Selection is made strictly as per merit, on the basis of CBTs. 1st Stage […]

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RRB Syllabus for CMA Exam Group

Measurements, Units and Dimensions, Types of errors in measurements, Significance of accuracy in measurement. Light : Basic principles of light – reflection, refraction, laws of reflection, total internal reflection, interference, diffraction and polarization. Formula for […]

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RRB Syllabus for Printing Technology Exam – JE

Printing Systems Different printing methods; image carriers; impression and ink transfer methods; proofing methods; suitability of jobs for various printing process. Printing Materials Materials used for graphic reproduction; image carriers; printing substrates; inks and coatings; […]

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RRB Syllabus for Computer Science and Information Technology Exam Group – JE (IT)

PC Software : MS-Windows, MS-Word, MS-Excel & MS-Power Point Computer fundamentals : Evolution of Computers, Hardware & Software, Internet. C Language : Structure, Loop, Control Statements, Arrays, Pointers, Functions, Structure and Union, Files Computer Organisation […]

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RRB Syllabus for Mechanical & Allied Engineering Exam Group – JE

Engineering Mechanics : Resolution of forces, Equilibrium and Equilibrant, parallelogram law of forces, triangle law of forces, polygon law of forces and Lami’s theorem, couple and moment of a couple, condition for equilibrium of rigid […]

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RRB JE Syllabus for Electronics & Allied Engineering Exam

Electronic Components & Materials Conductors, Semi conductor& Insulators; Magnetic materials; Jointing & Cleaning materials for U/G copper cable & OFC; Cells and Batteries (chargeable and non chargeable); Relays, Switches, MCB & Connectors. Electronic Devices and […]

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RRB JE Syllabus for Electrical & Allied Engineering Exam

Basic concepts: Concepts of resistance, inductance, capacitance, and various factors affecting them. Concepts of current, voltage, power, energy and their units. Circuit law: Kirchhoff‘s law, Simple Circuit solution using network theorems. Magnetic Circuit: Concepts of […]

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RRB JE Syllabus for Civil & Allied Engineering Exam

Engineering Mechanics- Force (resolution of force, moment of force, force system, composition of forces), Equilibrium, Friction, Centroid and Center of gravity, Simple machines. Building Construction- Building components (substructure, superstructure), type of structure (load bearing, framed […]